Why Voters are supporting Cindy Carlisle for Council.

Boulder residents of many types from diverse backgrounds support Cindy. Here are some of the things they say about her:

“Cindy’s vision for Boulder is compassionate and sustainable, has a deep respect for the natural beauty and peace that bless our small city, and believes all residents should have a voice in Boulder’s future. I support this vision. I support Cindy for City Council.” – Rivvy Neshama

“As a City of Boulder resident living in the Gunbarrel community, I’m impressed with Cindy’s desire to hear concerns from residents in all areas of our city before voting on issues that affect us all.” – Ron Tupa

“Cindy realizes the importance of small, independent businesses, and has consistently supported a vibrant downtown.” – David Bolduc, owner, Boulder Bookstore

“A community leader for many years, Cindy’s primary interest has always been the people of Boulder. She is committed to listening and representing our views in the city’s decision-making. – Allyn Feinberg, former City Council Member

“Cindy understands the neighborhoods… and that Boulder is rooted in sustainability, opportunity and environmental preservation.” – Justin Gold, founder, Justin’s

“Cindy is the best city council member we’ve ever had; and with all the mounting pressures on Boulder’s precious natural resources, we need her now more than ever.” – Stephen Jones, author/teacher/naturalist

“We need Cindy’s experience, common sense, and deep love for Boulder” – Leslie Glustrom, longtime climate change and clean energy activist

“Cindy has an outstanding history of trust with our community.” – Alice McDonald, former library commissioner and community activist

“I support Cindy for City Council due to her demonstrated commitment to a sustainable Boulder, her past experience with City and CU governance, and her ability to fairly balance the multiple interests in our community.” – Sam Weaver, City Council member