Friends, Thanks to your generosity, I have met my fund-raising goal of $10,000 and have qualified for public matching funds for the same amount. Since I am taking the City of Boulder Campaign Finance Pledge, to not spend more than 20,000, I cannot accept financial contributions. If you still want to contribute, please consider volunteering to help me do one of the many things that need doing, but clicking on the ” Help Cindy” tab.
Thanks so much for your support.


Cindy has chosen the Public Financing of Elections option, with its spending limits. This means there is a $100 maximum per contributor. Your donation will help Cindy’s efforts to represent the voice of the everyday citizens, not the special interests.

Any size contribution up to $100 is appreciated!
Note: A $25 or more contribution counts towards matching funds, which will be available to the campaign under the Public Financing of Election option. Please include full name and mailing address, which is required by Boulder Campaign Finance Reform rules. Anonymous donations cannot be accepted.



Authorized & paid for by Cindy Carlisle for Council.  A copy of our report is on file with the City Clerk, Boulder, CO.

If you would like to mail us a check, please make checks, within the above limits, out to:

Cindy Carlisle for Council

c/o Lisa Harris, treasurer

265 31st St.

Boulder, CO 80305