My top three issues are the Affordability of Housing & Spaces for Small Business in Boulder so we can have an economically diverse community, Public Engagement that ensures everyone’s voice is heard, and our responsibility for addressing Climate Change. Our Boulder Community is everything to me — and working together, I am confident we can achieve our shared vision.

Here’s how I will vote on the 2017 City Ballot Issues:

Ballot Question 2L: Extension and raise of the portion of the existing Utility Occupation Tax that funds municipalization – See more at

Ballot Question 2O: A charter amendment to require a citizen vote prior to incurring debt for separation construction or acquisition.

Ballot Question 2P: Extension of council’s authority to conduct executive sessions to seek legal advice related to municipalization with some modifications
NO [I am skeptical of executive sessions because they eliminate transparency.]

Ballot Question 2M – Extension of 0.3 Cents Sales and Use Tax of the Community, Culture and Safety Tax for Capital Improvements – See more at

Ballot Question 2N – Debt Authority for Community, Culture and Safety Tax for Capital Improvements

Ballot Question 2Q: NO  Charter measure that places authority for schedule, rules and verification in the hands of the City Manager.

To learn more about my stance on these issues, please find below the questionnaires I have completed for the major candidate fora and endorsements this fall.

cindy bounder yard meeting
cindy carlisle bounder speaking